Friday, May 20, 2011

Lucas Fayne is a very satisfied man

Lucas Fayne may be the most satisfied man in America.

He's also proof positive that new media is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. As detailed in The New York Times' always readable "The Haggler" column on April 24, Mr. Fayne has expressed his extreme satisfaction with the service and efficiency of 50 home improvement companies in geographies ranging from Denver, Oklahoma City and Madison, Ala.

In fact, Lucas is so consistently satisfied that he used almost identical words to describe his delight on the websites of at least 50 different companies:

“We were very satisfied with the service and efficiency of your company. Getting the quote was quick and easy, and your staff started on time each day and worked hard. We are very confident with the job you did and have been recommending you to all of our neighbors.”

Same sentiments, same words more or less, describing his interaction with 50 different companies.

As you've probably guessed by now, all of these companies used the same template to build their websites. The template included a "sample" customer testimonial as a placeholder. Every one of the companies was apparently so pleased with the sample that they didn't change it ... at least until their laziness was noticed by the NYT.

So much for crediblity and originality.

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